Frequently Asked Questions


In what form are the floor plans submitted to clients?

Plans are emailed as either PDF or JPEG files.


How soon are the plans ready for review after the on-site measurement?

Plans are always emailed to our clients next-day.


Can the plans be modified after the initial submission?

Yes.  Modifications typically include room name changes, however, we’re able to edit the format, colors, etc. per your request at no extra charge.


How much time does the measurement process require on-site?

As a general rule, it takes approximately 45 minutes per 1,000 square feet measured.


Can residents remain in the home during the measurement process?

Absolutely.  The measuring process is quiet, unobtrusive and does not require any interruption of the occupants’ activities.


Are you able to work on-site in conjunction with staging, photography and/or construction activities?

Yes, we frequently work alongside other personnel (extensive on-site painting and/or floor refinishing operations are not compatible with the on-site measurement process, however).


When and how do I pay for the plans?

An invoice will be emailed to you after the plans have been received and approved.  Payment may then be issued via check or credit card transaction.  We use the billing platform Harvest for credit card transactions which allows you to click-to-pay the invoice via email.


How accurate are the floor plans?

Interior room dimensions are typically accurate within one-half inch. 


Are you able to provide a square foot estimate of the property?

Yes.  We typically include a separate square foot estimate that graphically illustrates the areas considered “livable space”.  Note: the figures provided are simply estimates and are not meant to be substitutes for official appraiser’s data.